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axe hangry food

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Good Ol' Tenders & Fries

five tender and juicy chicken breast strips. tossed in your choice of sauce (hot, bbq, naked), with fresh hot french fries 

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RED's Dry Ribs

tender, spareribs coated with a light and crispy breading, fried to perfection, with a coating of salt & pepper

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Mac N' Cheese Pucks

our deep-fried four-cheese mac bites. mouthwatering blend of cheeses and macaroni noodles in every bite.

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Old Dutch Chips

original potato chips are made at Old Dutch using the finest potatoes, pure vegetable oil and natural flavours


Zesty Deep Fried Pickles

crunchy pickle spears hand-coated in our axe house batter and then lightly fried with a side of ranch sauce

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Cheesy Mozza Sticks

deep-fried until golden and crispy on the outside, with melted gooey cheese on the inside with a side of ranch

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Basket of Fries

handful of delicious golden fries from great potatoes in our signature basket

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Dougie's Wings (1lb)

juicy, white meat chicken wings, covered in mild hot sauce, bbq or naked with a ranch side

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Best Ever Jalapeño Poppers

the perfect combination of spicy peppers, cream cheese, and crispy, golden-brown breading. 

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Just Popcorn

what else is there to say.. buttery popcorn in a bag that's lightly salted



Pepsi Bottle

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Dr. Pepper Bottle

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Schweppes Ginger Ale


Pepsi Zero Bottle

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Iced Tea Bottle

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Rockstar Energy Drink


Mugs Root Beer


Mountain Dew

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Bottled Water


It's easy to book your next Axe or Knife Throwing time! Booking online is as simple as the Throw of an Axe!

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