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Axe Throwing and even now Knife Throwing is quickly becoming the new favourite pastime of many, jumping across centuries and cultures. From Viking gatherings to Olympic games, from friends in the backyard to specialized bars, this thrill-packed activity has continued to grow in popularity even after all these years and is the 3rd Largest Growing Sport in the World (Axe Throwing).

Brady Douglas a well-known Chilliwack native and businessman had a vision when he started The Axe House - that accessibility and connection are powerful. That's why The Axe House is now an expanding chain of urban hip axe-throwing lounges that brings together a diverse community united by the love of axe throwing and appreciation for well-crafted food and the community itself.

More than just a business, The Axe House provides an exhilarating experience for beginners and seasoned axe and knife throwers alike! With friendly trained experts ready to guide you through your visit with us at any location we have open nearby. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! All you need are closed-toed shoes and a smile on your face as we teach you how to hit those bulls-eyes like it's second nature already.


So why not join us? If you're looking for something fun and unique in Chilliwack check out our location today!

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The Axe House Social Posts (1).png
The Axe House Social Posts (1).png




We care about you. We also provide tips on how to throw an axe correctly.


We provide proper time to practice your new skills and throws.


We have a couple fun games for a little friendly competition!


We teach all ages so everyone can enjoy the fun! Start throwing today!

Our team


Brady C. Douglas


Unleashing the Thrill: Axe-Throwing Comes Home to Chilliwack! Growing up here was all about seeking thrills and now, we've brought them right to our beloved town. The rush of axe-throwing ignited a passion within me, and I knew sharing it with others was my calling. After endless dedication, we made our dream come true - an adrenaline-fueled haven in Chilliwack for locals and visitors alike. Step up to the line, unleash your inner warrior, and experience the electrifying joy that defines us. In Chilliwack, ordinary is not an option - only exhilarating adventures await! Join us as we raise the pulse of our community with this unprecedented thrill!


WATL Coach Certification, Serving it Right, Foodsafe Level 1 Certified 




Born and raised in Chilliwack! On my off time my favourite things are reading, playing softball, painting, spending time with my family/ friends, doggy sitting or snuggling my cats! I’m so excited to have the Axe House in our growing town and now something exciting that the city needs! I love being able to meet and connect with our community and have an overall create a fun and personable time.


Axe Throwing Safety Certification, Basic First Aid, Serving it Right



Axepert/Kitchen Crew

Luke has lived all his life in Chilliwack and enjoys the variety of outdoor activities and opportunities that are offered in City and the surrounding area.  In his spare time Luke enjoys water skiing, wake boarding, as well as basketball and snow skiing.  Luke has been throwing axes for a couple of years and is excited to share what he has learned. He is excited to be part of the team who will show you how to throw axes and ensure you have a great experience at Chilliwack's ‘Axe House’. 


WATL Coach Certification, Foodsafe Level 1 Certified 


Kitchen Crew

Meet Jeremy, the ultimate multi-tasker! He lives in Chilliwack and as a UFV student is coding his way to success with a robotics certificate. When he's not sharpening his skills in front of a computer, you can find him honing his aim at 'The Axe House' or serving our great customers their favourite food from our grill! Whether it's technology, food or axes, Jeremy knows how to hit the mark!


Foodsafe Level 1 Certified 




Bio coming soon...


Axe Throwing Safety Certification, Serving it Right


It's easy to book your next Axe or Knife Throwing time! Booking online is as simple as the Throw of an Axe!

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