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We are so excited to announce our first Knife Throwing League. It will kick off on Monday, July 15th, 2024!  Our first ever league which took place from Feb-April in Axe Throwing was an extreme success with many memories and bullseyes hit! Warm-ups for Summer League start at 6:00-6:30 pm and play starts at 6:30-9:00pm. The league is an 8-week season, with a elimination playoff tournament taking place on the 8th week. League members will play 9 Throwing Matchs each week and faceoff each week against someone different. The cost per player for each season is $125+ applicable taxes.

How the Leagues Work

  • No need to form teams, Axe Throwing in WKTL-sanctioned leagues is individually scored

  • Leagues run for 8 consecutive weeks, on Monday's or up till Friday if you can't attend each weeks slot.

  • Things DO come up, so this is subject to change but you will be notified in advance.

  • Each week for the first 7 weeks, players will compete in 9 Matchs generating points to determine a season ranking and who will be in the last week’s playoffs.

  • Each Match consists of 10 throws in total. 

  • For the playoffs on week 8, the top 16 players will participate in a elimination style tournament.

  • For WKTL, You are allowed 1 excused absence, any other absences will result in forfeiting your scheduled matches. If you run late by 10 minutes into your time slot, you forfeit your game.

  • League members are encouraged to bring their own knife that falls within the WKTL standards of at least 13.5 inches and may be no longer than 16 inches. The maximum weight of a knife must be no more than 1.65 lbs. 

  • League regulations will fall under the WKTL Standards and rules that can be found HERE.

Benefits of Joining a League at AXE HOUSE

  • Free spectator(s) admission anytime. 

  • Free practice at anytime are available through our monthly Membership.

  • Three (3) options for practice hours.

  • Special Walk-In Practice rate of $20 per hour. Limited to public walk-in hours, but available anytime there is availability. You are not guaranteed your own target, but could/will be grouped together with other League Members.

    • 1st Place Winner will receive a Cash Reward, Custom Trophy, Name Displayed on the League Plaque, Customer Knife and 1 Free Month Axe House Membership.

    • 2nd Place Winner will receive a Cash Reward, Trophy & 1 Free Month Axe House Membership.

    • 3rd Place Winner will receive a Trophy & 1 Free Monthly Axe House Membership.

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It's easy to book your next Axe or Knife Throwing time! Booking online is as simple as the Throw of an Axe!

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